Industry Solutions

TRBOconnect Professional Digital Trunking Solutions

TRBOconnect provides two way radio communication solutions to many industries. Please click on the links below for more details.

Agriculture / Farming

Schedule a demo today to see for yourself why farmers and businesses in the agriculture industry are making the switch to TRBOconnect. TRBOconnect offers seamless coverage throughout a large portion of the state of Indiana and is a perfect fit for agriculture! 

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Local Distribution

When your fleet is transporting goods to and from a local area, digital two-way radios on the TRBOconnect system can offer clear, crisp voice communications.

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Local Transportation

Getting passengers from Point A to Point B safely on your city buses is a foremost priority for Local Transportation Agencies. Dependable radio communications that talk clearly throughout the service area is a must.

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School Transportation

Transporting students to and from school safely is a foremost priority for School Transportation Directors, School Bus Drivers, School Administrators and Parents. Dependable radio communications that talk clearly throughout the school district back to the school is a must. Achieving this has now become easier.

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Trucking / Construction

Getting materials to and from jobsites is time sensitive. That's why effective voice and data communications is a necessity. The TRBOconnect system can offer your drivers clear, digital communications to other drivers and to the office. TRBOconnect utilizes Motorola's MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Platform and offers clarity and range that significantly outperforms traditional analog radio systems.

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Utility / Service Industries

Efficiency is of utmost importance for any business, but especially for businesses that have a fleet of vehicles that are the primary source for their profitability.

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