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Providing Wide Area Solutions For School Transportation

Transporting students to and from school safely is a foremost priority for School Transportation Directors, School Bus Drivers, School Administrators and Parents. Dependable radio communications that talk clearly throughout the school district back to the school is a must. Achieving this has now become easier.

TRBOconnect is a digital voice and data two-way radio system designed with school transportation in mind. This digital system allows clear voice communications as well as data capabilities like text messaging and GPS. Utilizing Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Platform, this system delivers many improvements over traditional analog systems. Improvements such as superior range, better audio quality, longer battery life, built-in encryption and the ability to perform data applications such as text messaging and fleet management.

The monthly fee for the network includes unlimited push-to-talk airtime. You can select one site for approximately county-wide coverage, or you can select multiple sites for  wide-area coverage. Schools have the option to purchase, lease, or rent the equipment.

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