Industry Solutions - Trucking/ Construction

Providing Wide Area Solutions
For The Trucking and Construction Industry

Getting materials to and from jobsites is time sensitive. That’s why effective voice and data communications is a necessity. The TRBOconnect system can offer your drivers clear, digital communications to other drivers and to the office. TRBOconnect utilizes Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Digital Radio Platform and offers clarity and range that significantly outperforms traditional analog radio systems. You can select a single site for local coverage, or multiple sites for wide-area coverage. We can customize it to meet your coverage area needs.

In addition to solid voice communications, you can add data applications such as fleet management. Fleet management data applications allow you to track vehicles, plan optimum routes, fuel management, drive management and health and safety.

Rates start at $20 per month/ radio and include unlimited airtime.

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